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Knock at the Cabin’s Ben Aldridge shares ambition to play George Michael

Exclusive: Yet another British actor wants to play the late gay icon.

By Alastair James

Ben Aldridge and George Michael
Ben Aldridge wants to play gay icon George Michael (Image: Kosmas Pavlos and George Michael/'Careless Whisper')

Knock at the Cabin and Spoiler Alert star, Ben Aldridge, has added his name to the list of actors vying for the role of George Michael in a potential biopic.

The actor, who leads the Film, TV, and Music category in the third Attitude 101, empowered by Bentley, was speaking exclusively to Attitude for the latest issue.

“I would love to do a biopic about George Michael. Because of his music and because I sing and would love to sing that, and also because I think there’s a really, really interesting story in there.”

He continued: “There was a lot of drama in his life but also there’s a lot of hidden life as well, and that could be a brilliant film.”

A potential (strong emphasis on ‘potential’) George Michael biopic has had a lot of attention as of late.

It follows another British actor, Theo James, voicing his interest in playing the late gay icon.

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in January, The White Lotus star said: “I’d love that. He’s an icon,” when asked about playing Michael.

Many were enthused by this as a casting option. American Idol star Adam Lambert, however, was not.

Lambert has also previously expressed a desire to portray the ‘Faith’ singer in a biopic.

“Yay another straight man playing a gay icon,” he commented on social media leading to a backlash. He later explained this “sarcastic little comment,” was actually about “a straight actor playing a gay icon.”

All of this may be for nothing as George Michael’s estate quashed rumours of an upcoming biopic after James’s comments.

In a statement, they shared they weren’t aware of the project and “will not be endorsing it in any way.”

Knock at the Cabin is out now.