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Ann Widdecombe isn’t homophobic because she has ‘lots of gay friends’

The Brexit party politician has a history of anti-LGBTQ voting

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Ann Widdecombe claims she isn’t anti-gay because she has ‘lots of gay friends’.

The Brexit party member and former Tory has a history of openly opposing LGBTQ rights including voting against marriage equality.

And now while being interview by LBC radio out hot Iain Dale – who has reportedly been friends with Ann for around 20 years – she claims she cannot possibly be homophobic because she has gay friends – Ok honey!

When asked why she has a reputation of being homophobic, she tells the host: “Because any time I say anything at all it is distorted and twisted, as the most recent example was, and I’m not going to go through it again, it is distorted and twisted into something that I have never said.

“I go further, you know that I have lots of gay friends, I go further.

“If I thought half of what social media claims I thought, you and all my other gay friends wouldn’t want anything to do with me, would you?”

Although she says she has gay friends and therefore cannot possibly be homophobic, she says she is still against same-sex marriage because her religion tells her to be… Sure, Jan.

“The world hasn’t ended [after the advent of same-sex marriage], but I still believe in traditional marriage,” she said.

“Now, that is the teaching of the Catholic Church, I’m a Catholic, I could get all uptight and say, ‘Oh it’s religious discrimination.’

“I don’t, but equally I’m not going to get into this now, because I know that anything I say will be taken down, twisted out of all recognition and then used in evidence against me.

“So end of. End of.”

Thankfully when asked if she would repeal same-sex marriage, the politician admitted she wouldn’t because of the ‘legal muddle’ it would cause.