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ITV’s Richard Madeley apologises after using wrong pronouns for Sam Smith

“I am so sorry. I will learn to do that,” Richard Madeley said after being corrected.

By Emily Maskell

Richard Madeley uses wrong pronouns for Sam Smith
Richard Madeley uses wrong pronouns for Sam Smith (Image: Good Morning Britain/ITV and Petros Studio/Rolling Stone UK)

Richard Madeley apologised after using the wrong pronouns for Sam Smith while hosting Good Morning Britain.

Madeley and co-presenter Susanna Reid were discussing the controversy around the singer’s new music video for ‘I’m Not Here To Make Friends’ when Richard referred to Sam with incorrect pronouns. 

Sam goes by they/them pronouns and Richard used he/him pronouns to describe the ‘Gimmehitmaker. 

Sam came out as non-binary in 2019, asking people to use they/them pronouns.

Following Richard’s mistake, Susanna informed him of Smith’s pronouns. Richard promptly apologised, saying: “I am so sorry. I will learn to do that.”

Some have deemed the video for ‘I’m Not Here to Make Friends’ “unsuitable” for children, provocative, and “sexualised.”

Appearing on the show to address Sam’s music video controversy was broadcaster and journalist Shivani Dave, who also uses they/them pronouns. 

“A masterclass on how to do things if you mess up”

Richard once again slipped up using the wrong pronouns to address Shivani.

Shivani has since addressed Richard’s mistake and noted the presenter corrected himself and apologised.

They tweeted: “Been getting messages from people worried about Richard Madley misgendering me on [Good Morning Britain] – I corrected him, he apologised and took it on board.”

“A masterclass on how to do things if you mess up, we shared a thumbs up and I told him his hair looks great,” they added.

Speaking about the controversy surrounding Sam, Shivani expressed that the likes of Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj have created evocative music videos but have not faced the same debate.

“What I think the difference here is, is that Sam Smith was assigned male at birth and we are not used to seeing people who were assigned male at birth dance around in lingerie and corsets,” Shivani shared.

They go on to add: “Madonna’s done that and it wasn’t on the TV in the morning, people weren’t debating it in the same way.”

Sam Smith’s album Gloria is available to stream now. Tickets to their UK and European tour are available here