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Kylie wishes Madonna a ‘speedy recovery’ and teases Las Vegas residency details

"I feel for her," the Aussie songstress said.

By Alastair James

Kylie Minogue and Madonna
Kylie Minogue and Madonna (Image: BBC and Instagram/@madonna)

Kylie has wished Madonna well and said she hopes the ‘Material Girl’ singer has a “speedy recovery.”

Madonna was hospitalised in June due to a sudden illness. Last month she said she was on “the road to recovery.”

“I feel for her,” Kylie told E! News recently. She added that she feels for anyone touring, but especially women. Kylie explained: “It is so taxing on you as a whole.”

Madonna should also feel so lucky as the ‘Padam Padam’ singer sent a note we imagine would make anyone feel better.

“I will definitely be getting my ticket and going to see Madonna when she gets back on the road,” Kylie told E!

“I’ve got my work cut out for me”

Kylie also teased her newly announced Las Vegas residency, something she said had been “a long time coming.”

She went on to say that she wanted guests to be “transported.” She also explained that it was a “brand new learning experience” for her.

“I’ve got my work cut out for me to choose the set list and to make sure I include a few surprises as well.”

The Australian icon will be making the brand-new Voltaire nightclub at The Venetian her home from November to January.

The Voltaire will open its doors for the first time on the opening night of Kylie’s residency, on 3 November.

Kylie also revealed her dream collaborators would be either Beyoncé or Rhianna, but that she was also a fan of bands like The Killers.

“Most collaborations I’ve done have come to me, so I haven’t had to make that decision,” Kylie said. Continuing, she added: “But whoever I work with I think there’s always something to learn from people you work with.”

Tickets for Kylie’s Las Vegas residency go on sale on 9 August and will be available here.