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Madonna reveals she ‘never paid’ $1 million fine for standing up for gay rights in Russia

The Queen of Pop has been reminiscing about her infamous 2012 gig in St. Petersburg.

By Thomas Stichbury

Madonna has provided further proof – not that we needed it – that she is a loud and proud LGBTQ ally.

On Monday (20 July), the Queen of Pop recalled the time she was once fined $ 1million for standing up for gay rights on stage in St Petersburg, Russia.

But she never footed the bill, and we will forever stan.

Taking to Twitter, Madge re-shared footage of an uplifting speech she delivered during the gig in St Petersburg, as part of her MDNA tour in 2012.

“I made this speech at a concert in St. Petersburg 8 years ago. I was fined 1 million dollars by The government for supporting the Gay community. I never paid,” she wrote.

The video clip shows thousands of fans waving gay pride flags and wearing flashing pink wristbands, given out by the ‘Express Yourself’ singer as a sign of her solidarity and support.

“I am here to say that the gay community and gay people here and all around the world have the same rights – to be treated with dignity, with respect, with tolerance, with compassion, with love,” Madonna said.

She continued: “Let’s all go out into the world and spread this message of love and live our lives without fear.”

At the time of the concert, St Petersburg officials were considering a anti-gay ‘propaganda’ law – eventually passed in 2013 – banning the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality to children.

The music icon’s words did not go down with several anti-gay groups who thought she’d crossed the (Border)line and sued her for $10.7million.

Judges dismissed the suits, noting that the law applied to minors and those who attended Madonna’s show were aged at least 18 or over.

No doubt they’re still ‘Hung Up’ about the result…