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Dannii Minogue lost followers for hosting LGBTQ+ dating show I Kissed A Boy: ‘You don’t have to watch’

"I’m thinking all the years of Mardi Gras and Pride and this is too much for you?” Dannii told critics

By Charlotte Manning

Dannii Minogue
Dannii, we love you (Image: BBC)

Dannii Minogue is having an absolute moment. She’s back on the TV screens of UK audiences hosting I Kissed A Boy where she acts as designated cupid.

BBC Three’s eight-parter has arrived as the UK’s first gay dating show, after years of Love Island-esque programmes focused on heterosexual couples finding love. 

Fans are loving seeing fully-fledged gay icon and LGBTQ+ ally Dannii helm the series. Unsurprisingly, it has already received rave reviews

However, she revealed people have messaged her to tell her they’ve actually unfollowed her accounts due to the new role. 

“I’m thinking all the years of Mardi Gras and Pride and this is too much for you?” – Dannii Minogue

Dannii detailed messages from long-term followers saying they felt the show was “too much” in a interview.

But she quickly made her thoughts on the negativity displayed very clear. 

Dannii Minogue
Dannii is having an absolute ball hosting (Image: BBC)

“I think people have been scared to make a show like this. I get the feeling sometimes it’s like, ‘oh, well not everyone wants to see that’.”

“You know what my answer is? You don’t have to watch,” Dannii said on Reign with Josh Smith podcast.

Dannii confused: “There’s plenty of other programming out there. You literally do not have to turn the TV on people.

“I got a bunch of messages when we had announced that the show was starting, and a bunch of people saying, ‘I am now unfollowing you, this is just too much.’

“I’m thinking all the years of Mardi Gras and Pride and this is too much for you?”

We couldn’t agree more with Dannii.

She went on to add: “I think that there’s something where it’s okay if I’m in sequins and on stage singing. To have a TV show where you’re gonna see two guys kissing and it’s not in the clubs, it’s not something hidden away really does affect some people.

“You should have unfollowed me a long time ago”

“And again, I revert to, they don’t have to watch it! If they wanna unfollow me and say anything like that, you should have unfollowed me a long time ago.”

It comes after Dannii announced she would donate profits from her new single to LGBTQIA+ helpline Switchboard, open daily from 10am-10pm.

Her single ‘We Could Be The One’ is the theme song to I Kissed A Boy, which is sure to be a summer staple.

The 51-year-old singer recently told Attitude in an exclusive interview that some of the best dating advice she’s received is from the gay community.

“Make sure you are treated like an absolute princess,” she recalled.

“You need to find that person who will put you on a pedestal and always treat you well,” Dannii added.