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I Kissed a Boy’s Dannii Minogue dishes on dating advice she got from the gay community

Dannii Minogue solidifies her gay icon status!

By Emily Maskell

Dannii Minogue
Dannii Minogue shares I Kissed a Boy details. (Image: Attitude)

Dannii Minogue has dished the details of the best relationship advice she’d got from the gay community.

Speaking exclusively to Attitude, Dannii noted the importance of a first kiss and relationship respect.

The Australian singer and gay icon is playing cupid in BBC Three’s new gay dating show I Kissed a Boy.

Asked what’s the best dating advice she’s received from a gay man, Dannii shared it was all about treatment.

“Make sure you are treated like an absolute princess,” she also shared.

“You need to find that person who will put you on a pedestal and always treat you well.”

Dannii also added: “That was the best advice!”

“If you think a relationship is going to go somewhere you know that there’s something in [the kiss] if you feel that tingle.”

“Back in the day, you’d go to a club and see someone across the dance-floor. Maybe have a bit of a disco kiss.”

“Make sure you are treated like an absolute princess”

Dannii also noted on I Kissed a Boy, the UK’s first gay dating show, that the spontaneity was through producer planning.

The show sees 10 strangers paired up into five couples. The couples meet and share a kiss to see if sparks fly.

“With our love matching crew, we did a lot of work to see who we really thought would connect on that first kiss.”

Furthermore, she explained: “It’s nothing by chance.”

Dannii added that she “learnt so much during filming” I Kissed a Boy.

Among the lessons, she shared that she observed: “Gay guys speak differently when they have a straight friend around.”

Check out Attitude’s full interview with Dannii Minogue below: