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Adam Lambert on Harry Styles and ‘queerbaiting’: ‘People just like to find things to b***h about’

"It’s almost underestimating the intelligence of gay people to claim queerbaiting," says Lambert.

By Alastair James

Adam Lambert and Harry Styles
Adam Lambert offers his take on the accusation of of 'queerbaiting' aimed at Harry Styles (Image: Joseph Sinclair/Attitude and Rolling Stone UK)

American Idol star Adam Lambert has addressed the allegations of ‘queerbaiting’ that constantly swirl around Harry Styles.

And we love his take!

Speaking to inews recently the High Drama creator was asked for his thoughts on the matter.

Lambert’s first response was very diplomatic: “I can kind of see both sides of it. Like, I get the concern.”

He then proceeded to break it down clearly.

“But OK, so if you’re a gay man and you like Harry Styles, do you like him because he has a rainbow flag on stage or because you like his songs? Is the rainbow flag not just icing on the cake?”

Finally, he added: “It’s almost underestimating the intelligence of gay people to claim queerbaiting. We’re not that gullible, are we? I think people just like to find things to bitch about.”

The term ‘queerbaiting’ refers to people who are accused of using queer aesthetics or hinting at a queer identity without actually committing to or being a part of the LGBTQ community. 

The subject has entered a more mainstream narrative in the last couple of years. As well as the ‘As It Was’ singer, allegations of ‘queerbaiting’ were also levied at Heartstopper‘s Kit Connor.

Connor was forced off Twitter because of it. He returned in November to say: “back for a minute. i’m bi. congrats for forcing an 18 year old to out himself. i think some of you missed the point of the show. bye”

Kit Connor at the 2022 Attitude Awards
Kit Connor at the 2022 Attitude Awards (Image: Kit Oates/Attitude)

The response from many was one of anger, including Heartstopper creator, Alice Oseman.

Appearing on the cover of the Attitude 101 issue as our Person of the Year they told Attitude: “It made me so angry. I care about this cast so deeply. I feel like a parent figure. What people were saying to him was so anti-Heartstopper. How could you watch the show and then do that to him?”

Harry Styles addressed the speculation about his sexuality with Rolling Stone UK last year.

“I think everyone, including myself, has your own journey with figuring out sexuality and getting more comfortable with it,” Styles said.

Attitude’s Editor-in-Chief, Cliff Joannou, wrote afterward: “Harry Styles queerbaiting accusations fail to recognise the full spectrum of human sexuality”

Adam Lambert’s new album, High Drama, is out now.