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University of Sheffield to open LGBT student accommodation

The University will be opening the new accommodation this year

By Steve Brown

A university has announced plans to launch LGBT student accommodation this year.

The University of Sheffield will be unveiling the new accommodation for new students this autumn and the development was a result of the LGBT+ Committee at the Students’ Union.

In a statement from Women’s Officer Celeste Jones read: “This development has only come about as a result of the extremely hard and commendable work of the LGBT+ Committee at the Students’ Union, along with the continuous support of the Residence Life Team and University Accommodation and Commercial Services.

“It is vital that every student always feels safe within the Students’ Union, at University and especially in their own home.

“We strive to ensure that all University accommodation is LGBT+ inclusive: bullying and harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“However, LGBT+ students have felt that their experience in university accommodation would be improved by having the option to live in LGBT+ specific accommodation.

“By no means is this accommodation compulsory, nor do we wish to encourage segregation, but we feel it is extremely important that our students have the choice of living in LGBT+ only accommodation if they so desire.

“Even if just a tiny fraction of LGBT+ students feel this will benefit their University experience then we feel it is all entirely worthwhile.”