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Madonna says Britney Spears’ conservatorship is ‘slavery’: ‘Give this woman her life back’

The 'Like a Virgin' singer is the latest high-profile celebrity to join calls to end Britney's conservatorship.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: Instagram / @madonna and @britneyspears

Madonna has called for Britney Spears to be released from her conservatorship, likening it to slavery and describing it as a “violation of human rights”.

The ‘Holiday’ singer, who collaborated with Britney on the 2003 hit ‘Me Against the Music’, has joined a list of celebrities calling for Britney’s freedom.

Last week, a judge denied a request to remove Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, from the conservatorship.

“This is a violation of human rights!”

(Photo: @madonna)

Posting an image of her wearing a shirt with Britney’s name on, Madonna said: “Give this woman her life back. Slavery was abolished so long ago! Death to the greedy patriarchy that has been doing this to women for centuries.”

She added: “This is a violation of human rights! Britney we coming to get you out of jail!”

Other celebrities to stand with and support Britney includes, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, and Mariah Carey, who tweeted in June, “We love you Britney!!! Stay strong”

Last week, a Los Angeles judge denied a request made by Britney’s legal team in November last year to remove Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, from the conservatorship.

Spears’ father has been a co-conservator of the star’s $60 million estates since 2008, following her widely-publicised personal troubles in 2007. He relinquished his role overseeing her personal affairs in 2019 but retained control over her finances and business.

Conservator Jodi Montgomery is currently in charge of Britney’s medical care. Earlier this week, Montgomery said she’d stay on “as long as the singer wants her to” following a request by Britney to do so, as reported by the Mirror.

“I don’t feel like I can live a full life.”

In a letter to Jamie Spears and Jodi Montgomery, Britney’s manager of 25 years, Larry Rudolph, said he is stepping down from his role. He wrote he’d become “aware that Britney had been voicing her intention to officially retire.

“As her manager, I believe it is in Britney’s best interest for me to resign from her team as my professional services are no longer needed.”

Deadline also reports that the Bessemer Trust, who have also been involved in the conservatorship, are pulling out.

In June Britney delivered an emotional testimony, herself describing the conservatorship as “slavery” and that she’d been prevented from marrying and removing her birth control.

She told the LA court, “I don’t feel like I can live a full life.”

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