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Christian college stops man from finishing degree because of his sexuality

Gary Campbell was hoping to pass the last part of his degree but the college dismissed him

By Steve Brown

A Christian college stopped a man from finishing his degree because he is gay.

Gary Campbell was planning to continue his studies at Clarks Summit University, in Pennsylvania, in order to pass the final six credits needed for a Bachelor’s degree, however, he claimed the school dismissed him because of his sexuality.

The college allegedly prohibits students from engaging in same-sex relationships and “reserves the right to dismiss or deny the enrolment of those whose behaviour or influence upon our community should prove to be contrary to the best interests of our students, the Clarks Summit University Community Commitment and to our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Campbell was originally accepted into the college but when they found our his sexuality they repealed the offer.

But Campbell wrote to the college: “One of my top goals being in recovery was to finish my bachelor’s degree.

“Having a degree is much more to me than a certificate, it’s a culmination of hard work, sweat and tears, and I owe it to myself and to my recovery to accomplish this goal.

“I ask that you not view me only as a homosexual, but as a determined, compassionate, hard-working man who is of good moral character.

“My goal again is to assist my community and help those who are struggling in the grip of addiction.”

According to The Citizens’ Voice, the college refused his request but Campbell is now looking for an attorney.

The handbook also says students must attend chapel, cannot display physical affection and cannot spend time alone with the opposite sex.

They are not allowed to smoke, drink or watch R-rated movies, no matter their age.