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Ann Widdecombe slams Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s support of LGBT rights

The former Tory MP said it wasn't the right time to throw support

By Steve Brown

Ann Widdecombe has slammed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their support of LGBT+ rights.

The former Conservative MP lashed out at the prince and his bride-to-be after they met with LGBT+ activists who are fighting for an end to persecution in Commonwealth countries, where it is still illegal to be gay in 36 of the countries.

However, Meghan’s statement that she believed LGBT+ equality was about “ basic rights” riled Ann -who has often expressed her opposing views on LGBT+ rights.

She wrote in her column in the Daily Express: “My doubts had grown [about Meghan] when reports appeared in the press about how she and Harry were going to champion the rights of the LGBT community.

“First, royals don’t champion ‘rights’: they champion plights. That is what Diana did with victims of Aids and landmines and very effective she was too.

“Rights are the business of politicians and pressure groups and never more so when they are controversial.

“Second, what a week for any royal to join in the argument when the Commonwealth conference was in full swing, the position of Prince Charles as its future head was in delicate negotiation and some of its bishops were voicing concern about their countries being pressurised by Theresa May on the issue of LGBT rights.

“So nought out of 10 for both phraseology and timing.”