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CBBC star Joe Tasker comes out as gay and reveals ‘secret’ boyfriend to the world

"I've finally found someone who is as weird as me - and we're in love!" says the YouTuber

By Jamie Tabberer

Joe Tasker
Jack Biggs and Joe Tasker (Image: Twitter/@JackBiggs_)

CBBC star and YouTuber Joe Tasker has shared that he is gay and in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Jack Biggs.

The children’s TV presenter made the revelation in a video titled ‘my secret boyfriend…’, released yesterday.

In the clip, the Saturday Mash-Up Live! star said he’s “never been this happy.” He adds in the description box: “i’m coming out, this my story time, here’s my secret boyfriend, i’m gay enjoy your day :).”

“This is the biggest video I will probably ever release” – Joe Tasker

“I’ve been seeing someone for over three years now,” the 28-year-old says at the start of the 20-minute video. “And I’m going to tell you who it is.”

“This is the biggest video I will probably ever release,” he goes on. “I’ve always kept anything, personal, private offline. Just because I enjoy my offline life.”

““I’m gay,” he later adds. “So there we go. That’s the first bit done.”

He then discusses his partner, Jack, saying: “I’ve finally found someone who is as weird as me – and we’re in love!

“This guy, right? We are both so similar in a way that our backgrounds of, like, suppressing being gay and not telling anyone… it’s bang on. And family stuff and other things I won’t share… it’s so similar. And other things we’ve experienced.”

Responding to an outpouring of support from fans, Jack later said on Twitter: “Okay I’m lost. For words, for anything.

“Thank you so so so much for this unreal response, the messages, the endless love. My brain is shaking.”

Jack also addressed the news on Twitter, sharing a picture of the pair and saying: “I can’t put into words how i’m feeling right now, thank you so much for all the love.”

Congrats, guys!