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Watch this gay YouTuber read homophobic comments

By Fabio Crispim

Gay YouTuber Riyadh Khalaf has released a new video which features him reading homophobic comments with best-friend Hannah.

The pair both chose comments from each other’s YouTube channels that they haven’t seen and reads them out in the video.

Gay YouTuber Homophobic comments 3

Riyadh, who released a video detailing his parents’ reactions to his coming out, reads out messages like, “Disgusting homosexual” and comments telling him to “go kill” himself and calling him an “attention seeking slut”.

The comments aimed at Hannah however included people calling her an “idiot”, saying that “she can’t keep her legs shut” and someone claiming that “YouTubers are getting really desperate”.

Gay YouTuber Homophobic comments 2

Gay YouTuber Homophobic comments

You can watch the video below:

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