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Wreck: Series two first-look images show more screams, new villains, and guest stars

Wreck creator Ryan J. Brown previously teased a "bigger and bloodier" second series

By Alastair James

Alice Nokes as Sophia, Orlando Norman as Ben, Amber Grappy as Lauren, Thaddea Graham as Vivian, Oscar Kennedy as Jamie, Miya Ocego as Rosie and Peter Claffey as Cormac (Image: Provided)

Wreck series two is bound for our screens and we’ve just been given our first look at the new series. From what we can see there’s lots more horror, intrigue, brand new villains, and guest stars to look forward to.

The first series, written and created by Ryan J. Brown, debuted on the BBC in 2022. It followed Jamie (Oscar Kennedy) as he joined the crew of the Velorum cruise ship, The Sacramentum, in the hope of finding out more about his sister Pippa’s disappearance from the same ship months earlier. Along the way he joined up with many of his fellow crew members, eventually uncovering an insidious plot by Velorum.

It turns out Velorum was farming out crew members to the cruise ship’s rich clientele for cruel, bloody sport. In the end, however, the crew members rose up, fought back, and took control.

A synopsis for series two, which takes place months after the conclusion of series one, reads: “We re-join Jamie, Vivian, and their found family of survivors back on land, as they strike back against Velorum, the corporate murder machine that claimed Jamie’s sister. In a daring and desperate attempt to bring the Company down, the gang go undercover to infiltrate Velorum’s newest venture – an exclusive ‘wellness’ festival for millionaires in the remote Slovenian countryside. Relationships fray, blood pours, and not everyone will be making it out alive. It’s going to be a cleansing experience…”

Phil Martin as The Creep (Image: Provided)

“We’ll be back, bigger and bloodier” – Wreck creator Ryan J. Brown

As well as Kennedy, Thaddea Graham, Jodie Tyack, Anthony Rickman, Amber Grappy, Peter Claffey, and Miya Ocego are also returning. They will reprise their roles as Vivian, Pippa, Olly, Lauren, Cormac, and Rosie. Also returning are Warren James Dunning, Alice Nokes, and Harriet Webb as Beaker, Sophia, and Karen as well as others.

Joining them for Wreck series two will be The OC, Lost, and Ugly Betty star Alan Dale. Phil Martin, Orlando Norman, Shaheen Jafargholi, Sam Buttery, Greg Austin, Carolyn Bracken, Niamh Walsh, Buck Braithwaite, and Bradley Riches also join.

A second series was confirmed not long after series one debuted. Creator Ryan J. Brown said at the time: “We’ll be back, bigger and bloodier.” Speaking to Attitude ahead of the release of the first series Ryan explained that he wanted Wreck to be a “super gay” series. Commenting on the sincere and non-tokenistic inclusion of queer characters, Ryan told us: “We’ve got everyone from across the whole spectrum and that’s really nice,” adding that it’s not a show about sexuality or gender identity at all.

Wreck series two is set to launch this Spring on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer. The first series is available on BBC iPlayer now.