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Exclusive: Wreck confirmed for ‘bigger and bloodier’ second series

"I’ve always had big plans for where our story could go and to fully realise that is an honour," says writer Ryan J. Brown.

By Alastair James

Quacky the duck from Wreck
Quacky the duck from Wreck (Image: Euston Films/BBC)

If like us you’ve binged the first series of the BBC Three horror-comedy Wreck and are longing for more you’re in luck – series two has been officially confirmed Attitude is happy to announce exclusively.

Following the dramatic events on board the cruise ship The Sacramentum at the end of series one, Valorum is out for blood. Will Jamie and Vivian be able to expose the corporation’s killer secret? They’re determined to do so but may find that life on dry land isn’t much safer than life at sea…

Speaking ahead of the announcement Wreck‘s writer, Ryan J. Brown says, “I’m really thrilled to be serving up another slice of Wreck. We’ll be back, bigger and bloodier in 2023.

“To have BBC Three’s confidence in us reaffirmed is the best feeling. I’ve always had big plans for where our story could go and to fully realise that is an honour.”

He continues, “At its heart Wreck is a story about a group of underdogs fighting back and achieving the impossible and in some ways it felt like that when making Series one, our immense ambition meant we were up against it, but our cast and crew lead by our fearless director, Chris Baugh powered through in an inspiring way.

“To see all of our hard work pay off is a privilege and I can’t wait to do it again.”

Chris Baugh, who is set to return as director, adds, “I’m delighted that Wreck is coming back for a second series. I am such a fan of Ryan’s writing and can’t wait to see where he takes this story.”

Wreck on BBC Three
Wreck on BBC Three (Image: BBC)

Speaking to Attitude ahead of the release of the first series Ryan explained that he wanted Wreck to be a “super gay” series. Commenting on the sincere and non-tokenistic inclusion of queer characters, Ryan told us:

“We’ve got everyone from across the whole spectrum and that’s really nice,” adding that it’s not a show about sexuality or gender identity at all.

“We’ve reached a point where we can have that now. The door is slightly open, let’s smash it open with an axe like Jack Nicholson in The Shining. But, we don’t always need to have shows that are about wading through trauma about identity. And what I love is having these characters just arrive equipped; they can sense danger, and they’re looking over their shoulder.”

The second series of Wreck will consist of six 45-minute-long episodes and will be produced by Euston Films, part of Fremantle, for BBC Three. Filming is set to begin in Northern Ireland in 2023.

The first series of Wreck is currently available on the BBC iPlayer.