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Madonna’s 6 best B-sides, demos and live tracks

Attitude goes beyond the hits to unearth hidden musical treasures of Madonna

By James Hodge

Close up of Madonna performing on stage wearing a black outfit
Madonna (Image: Wiki)

Madonna’s music has been a staple of many an LGBTQ+ person’s playlists for decades now. From the self-titled Madonna up till her most recent studio album Madame X, everyone’s favourite hydrangea-loather has been pumping out those beats like nobody’s business since the 1980s.

But behind M’s mainstream hits lie a treasure trove of tunes that the casual listener may not have heard before. Here, Attitude lists six of Madonna’s B-sides, demos and live tracks to get stuck into.

1 ‘Supernatural’ 

The B-side to perky love song ‘Cherish’, ‘Supernatural’ offers a sexier, sultrier affair while still belonging to the Like a Prayer era, in which Madge is seduced by a seemingly paranormal mystery man.

2 ‘Ray of Light (William Orbit Liquid Mix)’

Arguably Madonna’s greatest electronica track, this remix sees legendary music producer William Orbit take techno-pop to the next level. He picks apart the many layers of the original, reshaping it into eight minutes of a gradually building high that climaxes in operatic euphoria.

3 ‘La Vie en Rose’

Described by Madonna as her favourite moment in the Rebel Heart tour, this acoustic cover of the classic love song, delivered in perfect French, reminds us that while the Queen of Pop is known for decadence and pizzazz, she can also deliver some highly emotive vocals.

4 ‘I’d Be Surprisingly Good for You’

Perhaps Madonna’s most famous film role was playing famed Argentinian First Lady Eva Perón in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Evita. This number captures the heroine’s charisma and charm as she seduces the Argentinian president, willing to do anything to climb to the top. 

5 ‘How High?’

While this is an album track from the critically acclaimed Confessions on a Dance Floor album rather than a B-side, this song has the key characteristic of Madonna’s best music. It reflects on themes of fame and fortune while encouraging the listener to rip their top off and dance all night.

6 ‘Like a Prayer’ demo

‘Like a Prayer’ is arguably Madonna’s most iconic track. Celebrated for its gospel, bombastic styling, the original demo reveals a simpler, stripped-back offering of a masterpiece in the making…