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Loreen originally turned down a return to Eurovision: ‘I immediately said… no’

Exclusive: The 'Euphoria' singer shares with Attitude what persuaded her to try for the Eurovision trophy a second time.

By Charlotte Manning

Loreen at Melodifestivalen
Loreen is coming back fighting this year (Image: Alma Bengtsson/SVT)

Swedish singer and Eurovision royalty, Loreen, certainly knows a thing or two about the Song Contest.

She won the coveted glass microphone trophy with her timeless banger ‘Euphoria’ back in 2012, quickly becoming a fan-favourite.

After deciding to return for another shot at the crown, Loreen smashed the Swedish selection competition Melodifestivalen with the fiery comeback hit ‘Tattoo’. 

So, it’s no surprise she’s been backed to win it all over again after delivering a truly electrifying performance back home. 

We’re so excited for Loreen’s return (Image: Charli Ljung)

But in an exclusive chat with Attitude, Loreen shared that the decision to come back for a second go was not a simple one.

We can’t believe she originally turned down the idea of using ‘Tattoo’ for the Melodifestivalen after being sent a demo!

“They popped the question about Melodifestivalen and I immediately said… no”

“I never imagined that Eurovision was going to be my path again,” she said. “Now I’m here at Eurovision feeling happier than ever. It’s crazy because I never thought that I would be here again.” 

Loreen continued: “When the song was sent to me, just the embryo, the demo, I instantly intuitively felt like I’m going to do something with this song. Then they popped the question about Melodifestivalen and I immediately said… no. 

“I eventually found myself going back and forth. I wanted to make sure I really had something to bring.”

She went on to explain how Eurovision is “such a sacred space for creativity and expression” and wanted to get it right. 

“Eventually I felt like whenever I say I’m going to do it, there is a really positive energy flowing.

“So, in the end, it was not just the song, but also the people around me that made me feel like my life was really pointing very clearly at one direction…”

Loreen is openly bisexual and recently appeared on our list of our favourite ever LGBTQ+ performers at Eurovision.

She praised the love she’s received from the whole of the LGBTQ+ community over the years as “just totally & utterly amazing.”

Loreen continued: “When no one else accepted me, they [the LGBTQ community] were standing there with open arms. I feel at home and feel lucky to have this beautiful community as my safe space & haven.”

“Well, I can tell you this much – there’s going to be a lot of love, a lot of light, a lot of joy, a lot of spirituality, a lot of nature”

She is also a big fan of the UK’s Mae Muller too: “Mae’s such a vibrant person, something that shines through in her song as well. 

“I met her when she was in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago. We got the chance to sit down and talk about everything between music and astrology, she’s a true Virgo!”

Mae has quickly gathered legions of fans since the release of catchy bop ‘I Wrote A Song’ and by showing she’s a fierce ally of the LGBTQ+ community. 

She’s teased her staging, and luckily, the lightbox is staying (Image: Alma Bengtsson/SVT)

“I think the UK has chosen the right person to represent them. I can’t wait to see her mesmerise only in the way she can,” Loreen added.

Fans also were desperate to know whether Loreen’s Melodifestivalen lightbox would make it safely to Liverpool. 

Rehearsal pics confirmed the Lightbox set-up would remain a key part of her performance, albeit slightly smaller. 

On what we might be able to expect from her staging, she says: “Well, I can tell you this much – there’s going to be a lot of love, a lot of light, a lot of joy, a lot of spirituality, a lot of nature.

“You can expect everything I have because there is no in-between. I don’t know what that is. So, it’s going to be 100% me, completely channelling whatever is coming to me – to you. 

“Because I’m just a servant of creativity, that’s the way I see it.”