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Dylan Mulvaney hints at writing a book: ‘In my author era’

“Protecting my peace.”

By Emily Maskell

Dylan Mulvaney
Dylan Mulvaney on Instagram. (Image: Instagram/@dylanmulvaney)

Dylan Mulvaney has teased that she is potentially writing an upcoming book.

The 26-year-old influencer has had quite a year of ups and downs already this year so we doubt she’s short of content.

Posting on Instagram on Sunday (28 May), Dylan shared: “In my author era.”

She added: “Just bought a hummingbird feeder. In the mood to binge Diane Keaton movies. Protecting my peace.”

She posed with a laptop in front of her in the picture, a large sunhat perched atop her head.

It’s not unusual for influencers to release memoirs or books as they reach milestones of popularity. With the attention of millions of follows, Dylan’s certainly in the position to share her written words with a captive audience.

However, for Dylan, this teaser announcement comes following an intense period.

Dylan rose to fame on TikTok in 2022 when she began sharing her transition journey and has remained a key trans figure on the platform with over 10 million followers.

Her daily TikTok series ‘Days of Girlhood.’ has over one billion views collectively.

After she uploaded an advertisement for Bud Light in April, Dylan was hounded with transphobia.

Since the mounting hate, several LGBTQ+ bars have boycotted the beer after the brand distanced itself from Mulvaney.

Additionally, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has called for a congressional investigation of Bud Light’s marketing.

In an open letter that repeatedly misgenders Dylan, Cruz demanded the Anheuser Busch CEO “sever [the] relationship” with Mulvaney. Additionally, Cruz noted Dylan should be made to delete “any Anheuser-Busch content” on her social media.

Also, in the wake of the controversy, The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) warned Bud Light may drop in its Corporate Equality Index score.