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Jennifer Coolidge thinks she ‘encouraged’ Mike White to kill off The White Lotus’ Tanya

The actress also discussed Legally Blonde 3.

By Alastair James

Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuaid in The White Lotus
Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuaid in The White Lotus (Image: HBO)

The White Lotus star, Jennifer Coolidge, has theorised she may be responsible for her character’s untimely death.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know that Jennifer, 61, played Tanya McQuoid in the first two seasons of Mike White’s show.

Sadly, Tanya is no more. After figuring out that “These gays, they’re trying to murder me,” the character then slipped and fell off a boat to her doom. Not without killing said gays along the way.

This is something the actress recently said she “really did like killing them all.”

Speaking to British GQ about her iconic role as Tanya Jennifer opened up more about the conversations she had with Mike White.

“I had encouraged Mike to tell an Italian story. I said I would love to be in Italy or something, riding around on a Vespa with all these men reaching out and trying to light my cigarette. That’s my fantasy.”

Jennifer then said: “But then I guess that suggestion got me killed.”

Jennifer Coolidge was awarded best supporting actress at the Golden Globe for portraying Tanya. She also won an Emmy, a Critics Choice, and a Screen Actors Guild award for her role.

Elsewhere the Legally Blonde star also addressed eagerness for a third in the series. It was confirmed in 2018 we’d be getting a third film about Reese Witherspoon’s Elle Woods.

Asked whether Legally Blonde 3 is a-go after delays, Jennifer didn’t say much, revealing she only knows what her hairdresser knows. She and Mindy Kaling, a writer on Legally Blonde 3, share a hairdresser.

“He says Mindy’s very excited. So it seems like it’s happening.”

The White Lotus is streaming now.