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Heartstopper’s Bradley Riches on engagement and singing in new musical Babies

Exclusive: "It's a coming of age story that I think everyone will relate to - and it's ridiculous," he says of the upcoming West End production

By Dale Fox

Composite of Bradley Riches in a school uniform starring in Babies
Bradley Riches is starring in the upcoming musical Babies (Image: Provided)

Heartstopper and Celebrity Big Brother star Bradley Riches has spoken of his recent engagement, while also sharing details of his appearance in upcoming musical Babies.

In an exclusive interview with Attitude, the actor revealed the feedback he’d received on his engagement to partner Scott Johnston, as well as when he plans to tie the knot.

“We’ve been together for four years,” Bradley told Attitude of his theatre director partner. “And yeah, it was just something that I think we both wanted to do at some point. I remember saying, if I went on Big Brother, you can propose to me.”

On his plans for the big day, Bradley said the couple are taking the process slowly. “Everyone’s like, ‘When’s the wedding?’. I’m like, ‘OK, too soon.’ Give it maybe a year, maybe two years. I like to plan slowly. Otherwise, I will just get overwhelmed. It won’t happen for a couple of years, I think, but I’m very excited.”

“It’s a coming of age story that I think everyone will relate to – and it’s ridiculous” – Bradley Riches on Babies

Bradley is set to star in the upcoming West End musical Babies. The pop-rock musical follows nine classmates who are given an unusual school project – looking after a robot baby simulator for a week. As they experience the demands of parenting while navigating typical teenage pressures, the students are forced to question who they really want to be.

 “It’s a coming of age story that I think everyone will relate to – and it’s ridiculous,” Bradley says with a laugh.

“Well, I thought [the idea] was ridiculous at first, but I read it and I was like, this is good. They’re using a funny light-hearted concept, but also representing so many different themes within an uplifting show,” he says candidly on the musical’s unconventional plotline.

Talking about how he relates to the character he plays in Babies, Bradley recalled his own teenage experiences of unrequited love that led to a moment of self-realisation.

“[At school] there was a moment where I was this guy and we fancied each other and the next day he just didn’t. He wasn’t comfortable in his sexuality, and I wasn’t either. I thought maybe it could have been a cathartic thing to be together, but the next day he just shut down.

“I thought that was going to be a moment for both of us to live ourselves authentically. After that, I just started to understand who I was as a person. And now I’m living happily.”

On whether he feels nervous about singing on a West End stage, Bradley says his musical theatre background means he’s already fully prepared.

“I trained for three years doing it, so I’m hoping that amounts to something!”

How to get tickets for Babies West End musical

Babies will have a six-week run at The Other Palace from 31 May to 14 July 2024.

Tickets for Babies are on sale now through the production’s official website.