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Love Allways is the new pansexual helmed LGBTQ+ dating show

ALL is fair in love and war!

By Emily Maskell

A blonde woman with red heart sunglasses. On her sunglasses are several contestants with chocolates and roses.
Love Allways premies on Paramount+ June 2nd. (Paramount+ and Instagram/@lollyzlexi)

Paramount+ has announced a sparkling new LGBTQ+ dating series, Love Allways, is coming soon.

The show follows BBC Three’s I Kissed A Boy as well as the upcoming Netflix show The Ultimatum: Queer Love.

Previously, the LGBTQ+ presence on dating shows has been an untapped goldmine. But finally, we’re seeing increasing queer reality show options. 

Said to resemble The Bachelor, Love Allways is a dating show competition centred on one pansexual singleton.

Lexi Paloma, a 20-year-old TikTok creator and model, is the woman in question.

The show will follow her attempting to find her match over ten episodes. However, she is not the only one.

Contestants of all genders can romance not only her, but each other.

“ALL is fair in love and war,” the synopsis declares.

“A spiral of drama, betrayal, passion and jealousy”

The potential suitors are divided into two teams helmed by Spicy Mari and Anthony Recenello who are competing between each other also.

The cast also includes Sienna Scibird, Jasmine Cervantes, Kalysta Mallory, Camille Cupid, Rylin Utah, Jayme Aiden, Cyprien Boustiha, Marc Bateman, Tyler Hearing, Luis Diaz, Brian Batesy, Joshua Cureton and Cameron James.

“As she narrows down her pool of contestants of all genders, some start falling for one another, causing a spiral of drama, betrayal, passion and jealousy,” the synopsis reads.

Paramount+ with premiere three episodes of Love Allways on June 2nd.

Then, weekly releases are on Paramount+ and Awesomeness’ YouTube channel.