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Liam Payne open to wearing Cheryl’s thongs

The One Direction singer admitted he often wears his girlfriend's clothes

By Steve Brown

Liam Payne is open to wearing Cheryl’s thongs.

The One Direction star is known for his outfit choices and while appearing on BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show on Friday (20.04.18), he admitted he often wears Cheryl’s clothes and wouldn’t say no to trying on her racy underwear.

He said: “I’m lazy I should know better after all these years, I just pile all the socks in the drawer, all the boxers.

“Luckily I didn’t end up with any thongs, that would have been embarrassing. I might have tried it out, could’ve been a bit airy, a bit free!”

Liam – who has son Bear with Cheryl – did admit the couple do share clothes and knows if she likes anything he owns, he will never see it again.

“Honestly these days because of the way clothes are, a lot of stuff is baggy so I get a lot of her clothes in my wardrobe and if I’m feeling it that day, I’ll whack it on.

“I had this jumper on the other day which had ‘woman’ written on the back. We’re gonna get pictured in a lot of the same stuff.

“Honestly, it’s so bad if I’m wearing something and she goes, ‘Oh I like that’, I know I’m never seeing it again.”