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I Kissed A Boy’s Mikey emotionally recounts his ‘scary’ cancer experience

“Something that happened to me put life into perspective,” contestant Mikey shared

By Emily Maskell

I Kissed A Boy’s Mikey.
I Kissed A Boy’s Mikey. (Image: BBC)

I Kissed A Boy contestant Mikey Connor has opened up about his emotional journey with cancer in a new episode. 

BBC Three’s I Kissed A Boy is the UK’s first gay dating show, following a Love Island-like template, hosted by Cupid in the form of Dannii Minogue.

In episode three of the show, Liverpool-based Mikey shared his experience living with testicular cancer. 

In a poolside chat with two fellow contestants, Kailum and Gareth, Mikey opened up about his journey and his experiences undergoing treatment.

“Something that happened to me put life into perspective,” Mikey began. “A while ago, I found a lump down below, in my left ball. I left, left it, left it.”

However, after getting pains in the area, he decided to go to the doctor. 

“I had to get scans… they told me: ‘We need to test you for testicular cancer.’ I was like: ‘Yeah, cool’.”

“But the only way for them to do that was actually to remove the testicle,” Mikey explained.

He then added: “I got it removed and got it tested and it did actually come back as cancer.”

“When you kind of get a scare, you never actually think it’s going to happen to you.”

“It’s still that mad thought to think, ‘F***king hell, I’ve actually had cancer and God knows how long I’ve had it for.”

“To find out at 27 you have cancer was devastating! “

On Instagram, Mikey thanked the show’s producers for letting him share his story.

“To find out at 27 you have cancer was inside devastating! However I never and still don’t allow this to define who I am and what I stand for!”

He also added that after leaving the Italian masseria, from where I Kissed A Boy is hosted, he had to undergo chemotherapy.

Mikey I kissed a boy
Mikey is one of the contestants on I Kissed A Boy (Image: BBC)

“Having said this today, I am happy, I am cancer free and now taking to life and making every opportunity count.”

Dannii shared her pride for Mikey on Instagram, noting his openness will help viewers watching understand and feel seen.

“Thank you for being so honest and open. It is appreciated by so many,” she commented on his post. “And well done for completing all your treatment.”

Cancer Research UK shares that people with testicles should occasionally check themselves for lumps or swellings.

More information can be found on Cancer Research’s website here.