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Dust off your shoulder pads, ‘Dynasty’ is officially returning

By Ross Semple

Fans of soapy drama, shoulder pads, and nonsensical catfights rejoice – Dynasty is returning to our screens.

The iconic ’80s series, which chronicled the sordid lives of the wealthy Carrington family, was a ratings juggernaut during its nine year run. Starring Linda Evans, Joan Collins, and John Forsythe, Dynasty ran from 1981-1989, with a miniseries following in 1991 to wrap everything up.

Rather than a continuation of the previous series, the new Dynasty will be a reboot, telling the similar stories in the present day. Elizabeth Gillies will star as Fallon Carrington, who becomes suspicious when her wealthy father marries a younger woman, Cristal (Nathalie Kelley).

The CW has officially greenlit the show, with a premiere expected later in the year.

The series will be steered by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. With A CV that includes shows like The O.C. and Gossip Girl, we trust the duo to bring Dynasty‘s mix of over-the-top drama and questionable fashion.

We have high hopes for this series. Let’s just hope it’s not a Moldavian Massacre

Attitude recently spoke to Dame Joan Collins, who played the scheming Alexis Colby (Carrington Dexter Rowan). Alexis was known for her often-physical catfights with Krystle (Linda Evans), which provided some of the show’s – and possibly television’s – most iconic scenes ever.

Asked which of Alexis and Krystle’s pro-wrestling-level bust-ups was her favourite, Joan reveals: “The one in the studio that I call the ‘feather fight scene’, where I’ve got the blue dress, and at the end [Krystle] knocks me out and I slide down the wall with my skirt up.”

Given the sheer number of physical tussles the pair got into over the course of the series however, it’s understandably hard to round it down to just one.

“I also like the one in Dynasty: The Reunion, in the shop with all the mannequins. and Alexis pulls the leg of the mannequin off. That was quite a funny one,” Joan adds.

Well if that’s not the excuse we need to revisit them both, right?

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