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Drag Race UK’s Elektra Fence urges fans to ‘leave Krystal alone’ after Victoria Scone body remark

Elektra spills the tea following her elimination as she speaks to Attitude and Tia Kofi on Tea Time, in association with Taimi.

By Will Stroude

Drag Race UK star Elektra Fence has defended fellow contestant Krystal Versace following comments the young queen made about Victoria Scone’s size.

Elektra, who became the second queen to sashay away from the Drag Race UK series three during Thursday night’s episode urged fans to “leave Krystal alone” as she joined Attitude and Tia Kofi for Tea Time, in association with Taimi, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ social and dating app. 

This week’s episode saw Krystal and Victoria briefly at loggerheads after Krystal branded Victoria “not [the] biggest competition – just biggest.”

After Victoria opened up to Krystal about her history of eating disorders, Krystal was quick to apologise, sparking an uplifting exchange among all the queens about body image and self-esteem issues.

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Reflecting on the drama during her appearance on Tea Time, Elektra Fence tells host and series two queen Tia Kofi: “I thought it was very, very rude, but I love how [Krystal] realised what Krystal had said, and you know what, Krystal grew in that episode, just changed. I was so proud of her.

“I love Krystal to bits and she obviously realised what she had said wasn’t right and she apologised for it. And I love that about Krystal. She was like ‘Oh my God, I am so sorry’.

“Even behind the scenes, she was so apologetic; she was like ‘I didn’t mean it like that, I didn’t meanr to say that’. So leave Krystal alone! She apologised, get over it.”

The frank exchange between Krystal and Victoria during the latest episode of Drag Race UK also led to Elektra opening up about her own journey to accepting the freckles on her body, admitting at one point she hated her appearance so much she wanted to “bleach” her skin.

Asked how it felt to share her story, Elektra tells Tea Time: “It was beautiful, and the responses that I’ve had from everyone – the messages about people [who’ve had] the same problems – is absolutely beautiful. I love my freckles, my natural leopard print. It’s absolutely stunning and you know what, it’s going to be on the cover of Vogue someday!”

Victoria Scone was at the centre of more drama this week after badly injuring her knee, and the episode closed with her future in the competition hanging in the balance as Ru informed her a doctor would have to make a final decision about whether she could continue.

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Asked how she felt seeing Victoria’s medical crisis come to a head on the runway, Elektra says: “I was backstage and I was like ‘is this when they go, ‘Elektra, come forward!’ I shat myself to be honest, as well. Poor Vic, she’s amazing. Let’s see what happens next week. Her knee’s probably going to get better, isn’t it? I hope so.” 

Meanwhile, Victoria Scone addressed her short-lived drama with Krystal after Thursday night’s episode aired with an inspiring message written alongside a picture of herself showing off her body.

“I love every curve, lump, bump, stretch mark, scar & discolouration,” Cardiff-based Victoria wrote. “Without this beautiful vessel I wouldn’t be standing here where I am today [sic].”

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