Drag Race UK's Victoria Scone posts inspiring response to Krystal Versace weight remarks

"I love every curve, lump, bump, stretch mark, scar & discolouration," says Vic.


Words: Jamie Tabberer; pictures: BBC/Twitter/@victoriascone

Victoria Scone has responded in inspiring style after Krystal Versace's ill-advised comments about her weight on last night's episode of Drag Race UK.

Krystal faced backlash after making a number of remarks about Victoria's size on the show, including saying Victoria isn't her biggest competition and that she's "just bigger."

The comments proved a talking point throughout the episode, with Veronica Green calling out Krystal's "low brow fat joke."

"Educational discussion"

Now, Victoria - the show's first AFAB (assigned female at birth) queen - has addressed the matter in a series of tweets on social media, including posting an inspiring topless picture that radiates body positivity.

She told followers she has forgiven Krystal, explaining: "I love every curve, lump, bump, stretch mark, scar & discolouration. Without this beautiful vessel I wouldn’t be standing here where I am today [sic]."

She continued: "I’m extremely humbled by all of the gorgeous messages from last nights episode! I hope those who are feeling any negativity towards Krystal for her comments are able to move past that.

"I’ve been fortunate enough to watch Krystal mature and grow over the past 9 months. She is a genuine sweetheart and a sister. She understandably saw an opportunity in the challenge to utilise her air time & make an impact.

"From this, we were able to have a genuine, heartfelt & educational discussion which further led to beautiful conversations with @ElektraFence & @ItsVanityMilan. I’m so pleased that the world gets to hear those." 

Victoria and Krystal also discussed the comments on the show, with Krystal saying: "I do want to apologise for that. I think in the moment you just think, 'be shady'. But afterwards, I was like 'ugh', as that's not me. That's not what I do, I don't want to bring people down."

In confessionals, the queen added the comment "went over the mark" and that "I really appreciate her."

Victoria also opened up about her battle with bulimia, saying"from the age of 15 I started not really eating, basically."

She also said: "Krystal's comments are a little bit triggering. I'm in a comfortable place now but there was a time when I absolutely was not."

She also told Krystal: "Fortunately I'm very happy with my size, and I've been every size under the sun."

A larger conversation about confidence then opened up in the werkroom, with Elektra Fence describing how she came to love her freckles and Vanity Milan discussing racist bullying she faced at school and being labelled the "dark sheep of the family" because I was "the darkest of mum, dad, brother and sister."

Earlier, Krystal opened up about struggling with being slim, saying: "I used to be quite self-conscious as a boy, and I still am, of being really skinny."

Krystal added: "Drag is my biggest praise, so I like to turn that around and use my skinniness and tiny waist."

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