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Drag Race UK’s Danny Beard on Veronica Green spat: ‘She can write her opinion’

Exclusive: "I have my reasons and she has her reasons," the Drag Race UK series four winner has said

By Alastair James

Drag Race UK Danny Beard and Veronica Green
Drag Race UK's Danny Beard and Veronica Green (Image: BBC)

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK series four winner, Danny Beard, has said she and Veronica Green can both have their opinions after a some recent online ‘beef’.

Danny was announced earlier this month as the host of a new series, The After Shave with Danny Beard. The show will see the UK’s reigning drag superstar sit down with the eliminated queens of season five each week.

Commenting on the announcement Veronica, who was on the second and third series of Drag Race UK, wrote: “Drag race winner hosting an official drag race show….out of drag. I’m not gagging. Congratulations for getting the opportunity though.”

The announcement showed a picture of Danny out of drag. While some fans came for Veronica, Danny shadily replied: “Some of us look alright out of drag tho babes.”

Joining Attitude and Ella Vaday for Tea Time after series five’s first episode, where no one went home, Danny addressed what happened.

“It’s not a situation, it’s drag,” she confirmed. “It’s not deep.” Danny went on to explain that, from her perspective, it was drag queens being drag queens and being shady.

“I think the thing we can take away is leave the shade for us drag queens. It’s nice that people want to support people. The reality is it’s online – she can write her opinion online and opinions are like arseholes aren’t they, full of shit.”

“That’s important for me and my career and what I want to do”

Danny also explained how The After Shave was her Drag Race UK winners prize and that it was important for her to show herself the way she wants to be seen, both in and out of drag.

“That’s important for me and my career and what I want to do. So, I have my reasons and she [Veronica] has her reasons for not liking it.

Otherwise the reception has been amazing for Danny.

Elsewhere, Danny also commented on DeDeLicious’ unfortunate wig slip in the main challenge. Given how shocked DeDeLicious looked, Danny thought it was an accident but wasn’t impressed.

“Girl, you can’t come in and say, ‘Yes, Krystal Versace was my [drag] sister’ and then not give us the goods. Krystal has to be one of the most beautiful drag queens alive, in drag. And coming in and doing that… It was kind of giving, like, ate my twin in the womb, was it not?”

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Series 5 airs on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer every Thursday at 9pm. The After Shave with Danny Beard airs after each episode at 10:15pm.