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Up close and personal with male model Edward Wilding

By Joseph Kocharian

In this month’s Style Issue, we took at look at male supermodels: these guys are on billboards on skyscrapers, your TV screens and even cropping up in films you watch at the cinema.

We wanted to get a glimpse into the men who are becoming household names, to see what makes them tick what they think about becoming big brand boys. So, let’s get started – we present to you: Edward Wilding.

The full interview with Edward is in this month’s Style issue, where you can read about him working with Kate Moss, what he thinks about social media and more – but for now, here are a few gems from his interview (and some pics from his Instagram, which we highly recommend you visit).

Name: Edward Wilding

Agency: Storm Models

Instagram: @edward_wilding

Where were you discovered? In the big bad city of Manchester.

Who inspires you and why? I’m inspired by people like Leonardo da Vinci and many Greek philosophers and mathematicians who have shaped the world and not been afraid to put forward what sounded like unthinkable ideas at the time.

Do you feel pressure to keep in shape? You used to be a lot bigger (we’ve noticed from Instagram!) (laughs) I have to stay in some kind of shape, but I don’t really let it change my lifestyle, plus what is life without a good beer?

Tell us something interesting that we don’t already know about you? Hmmm, I’m a secret geek and I love quantum physics!

Do you have a vice? If so, what is it? I’m an eBay addict, I buy at least one book every day online. I love that feeling of waiting for the postman coming with a parcel; like Christmas everyday.

What are you always getting into trouble for? Not getting my number one fan – Mum – every magazine I’m in. She thinks they are printed the day after the shoot (laughs).


134894-500wImage by Mert & Marcus courtesy of Versace. 





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Follow Edward on instagram @edward_wilding and @stormmodels 

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