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This is why you need to know about queer pop star Hayley Kiyoko

The 'Curious' singer is about to make it big

By Joshua Haigh

It’s official, 2018 is the year of queer pop.

While there have always been LGBT+ pop stars, it’s been tough for mainstream singers to be as unashamedly open about their sexuality as heterosexual artists.

But the new generation of pop stars has arrived, and they’re ready to change that once and for all.

Former Disney star Haykey Kiyoko, 26, is a part of the movement that’s been working hard to change the status quo, and her efforts are finally beginning to pay off.

She’s self-directed numerous videos that showcase her romantic experiences with women, and her refusal to be anything but her authentic self has built her up a huge following. Her most popular single, Girls Like Girls, has already amassed over 80 million views on YouTube. 

And at the end of the day, it also helps that she releases total BANGERS. 

Want to know more? We’ve put together a quick list of her best songs, including infectious new single Curious: 


Gravel to Tempo:

Girls Like Girls:

One Bad Night:


The promising stars album ‘Expectations’ is realised worldwide March 30.