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The perfect protein shake before bed

By Nick Levine

rossFitness expert Ross Edgley (pictured right) is here to help you build muscle while you sleep…

Experts believe if you want to bulk up, the time you spend sleeping is just as important as the time you spend in the gym since studies show that at night your muscles repair and regrow the most. So if you want to get more from your muscle, try these supplements before bed to ensure your muscles keep growing even when the lights go out.

The perfect bed time shake recipe
30 grams Casein
2 grams L-Arginine
2 grams L-Lysine
5 grams Glutamine
1 gram HMB

Slow-releasing protein
The seven-nine hours when you’re sleeping can either be beneficial or counter-productive to your muscles depending on your choice of protein before bed. While you are resting, you are not eating, so your pre-bed shake needs to contain the right protein that will deliver vital amino acids and peptides to your muscles all through the night. In a study conducted at the Laboratoire de Nutrition Humaine at the University of Auvergne, it was found that dietary amino acid absorption is slower in casein than in whey protein. Based on this research experts have long recommended casein before bed since it has the ability to keep your muscles slowly fed throughout the entire night. So try adding 30 grams of casein to form the basis of your nighttime shake.

L-Lysine and L-Arginine
The extra growth hormone your body produces when sleeping is largely responsible for the quality of your rest and recuperation. To get more of it, a study conducted at the University of Rome discovered that 1200 mg of L-Lysine plus 1200 mg of L-Arginine’ (two essential amino acids) stimulated the release of more growth hormone, so it might be a good idea to drop two grams of each in your pre-bed shake.

During deep sleep, your body releases potent immune-enhancing substances that strengthen your immune system. But research at the Conway Institute for Biomolecular and Biomedical Research at University College, Dublin found the immune-boosting properties of glutamine were so impressive, it was used to treat patients with inflammatory conditions such as infection and injury. Therefore putting five grams in your shake to support an already health immune system could have huge benefits for those with rigorous training schedules.

HMB (beta-Hydroxy-beta-Methylbutyrate) is an amino acid that has been proven to delay the breakdown of muscle protein, promote tissue growth and strengthen the immune system. But more importantly for when you’re sleeping, research at the School of Life and Health Sciences at Aston University in Birmingham found that HMB greatly decreased protein degradation. So try adding as little as one gram to your bedtime shake to help prevent any catabolism of your muscles when sleeping.

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