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Shaving gurus Harry’s comes to the UK

By Ross Semple

The famous American shaving brand Harry’s is finally launching in the UK. The brand’s focus is simple – to offer a quality shave without break the bank.

Harry’s focus on quality craftsmanship, simple design and modern convenience is evident immediately with its German engineering. This attention to detail and construction results in two different razors – the Truman and the Winston. Both carrying elements to suit the shave you may desire.

The Truman razor power resides in the handle. With a matte rubberised grip with strategically placed groves, the Truman allows you to have firm control whilst shaving. The handle is also compatible with all of Harry’s blades.

Whilst, the Winston razor fulfils all the functions of the Truman but offers ergonomic shape to mimic the precision tools offered by barbers to achieve a perfect shave.

Besides from the razors the collection includes shaving gels, creams, balms and washes. It’s safe to say your toiletry bag will be transformed forever.