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Scottee talks childhood: “Masculinity is quite claustrophobic on estates”

By Josh Lee

Ahead of his new show Putting Words In Your Mouth, opening at the Roundhouse this November, queer performer, acclaimed artist and creative clown Scottee took us on a trip down memory lane to revisit the childhood that informed his boundless creativity, for the latest issue of Attitude Magazine.

Hailing from a North London estate, Scottee’s childhood environment wasn’t necessarily one where a queer identity could flourish as fully as you’d want it to.

“There’s a greatness to the camaraderie of growing up how I did,” he told us, describing a youth spent playing with friends and climbing scaffolding.

“But then masculinity is quite claustrophobic on estates. Being a fat queer who liked to wear different-coloured shoes wasn’t the easiest.”

But a childhood spent misunderstood influenced the creative force we see today, and as an adult Scottee has forged a space within the LGBT scene for those who, even within the broad church of the queer community, don’t always feels as though they fit in. “I stood in the middle of a no-man’s-land playground [as a child], and I knew it was completely unfair.”

I knew I never wanted to feel like that again.”

Read our full interview with Scottee, as well as our exclusive interview and naked shoot with Robbie William in full in the December issue of Attitude Magazine, which is out now on digital ( and in print in shops from Wednesday 9th November. Available internationally from