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Review: Plenish juice cleanse

By Nick Bond

Surely it’s the height of madness: embarking on a three-day juice cleanse just a few weeks before Christmas, when the temptations of booze n’ fatty foods are ever-present.

But that’s exactly what we did, dear reader – road-testing a three-day juice cleanse from Plenish to give you the lowdown if you want to do the same to kick off your new year (or, if you’re a bit bonkers, before Christmas).


The juices are home (or work)-delivered on your first day, chilled and clearly numbered – you’ll be downing six a day. They come complete with a handy booklet and a luxe glass straw, so you can pretend you’re sipping a cocktail on a beach somewhere rather than drinking juice at your desk.

Good news – the juices are all great-tasting, so while you’re forgoing solid food, you’re at least also not forcing yourself to chug down anything that tastes like the contents of a lawnmower. You’ll get six a day, and you’re advised not to ingest anything else over your three days except for some hot water and lemon first thing in the morning.

Our favourite? The ‘Kick’, a spicy source of vitamin C that includes a burst of chilli and provides a welcome source of flavour.

It’s not the easiest thing you’ll do – we were in struggle street on day two, when caffeine withdrawals well and truly kicked in – but those promised health benefits really are noticeable. You’ll feel lighter, rejuvenated and generally cleaner – and weight loss is one very nice side-effect.

With all organic and raw ingredients, this doesn’t feel like a starvation diet either: You are feeding your body plenty of good stuff over the course of the cleanse – and you’ll feel better for it.

info: Attitude readers can get a 15% discount on their order from Plenish Cleanse if they use the the discount code ‘decdetox’.


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