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Mum shares her gay son’s thirsty selfies with her carpenter and gets the funniest response

We all need a mother like this

By Joshua Haigh

A 30-year-old gay man from the US has gone viral after his mother inadvertadly got him a date with her carpenter. 

Sohail, who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, took to social media last month (December) to explain that his parents had decided to commission a unicorn mirror for his sister modelled after one he already owned. 

So Sohail’s parents set out to get the mirror made, but it turned out they didn’t have any photos of it so his mother sent a quick message asking if he could take a few snaps. 

However, Sohail was busy at the time and couldn’t reply.

After multiple messages, she decided that she would need to use pictures she could find of the mirror on his social media as a last resort – but they all turned out to be pictures of her son in his underwear. We can relate at a spiritual level. 

What followed was a succession of hilarius messages from his mum, which Sohail shared on social media alongside the caption: “Soooo my mom & dad are commissioning a recreation of the unicorn mirror they bought me from an estate sale because my sister is jealous she didn’t get one as well, & this is the result of me not getting back to her quick enough…”

In one message, his mum wrote: “I was forced to use the only photos of the mirror I could find which were your gd smut photos”. 

She continued: “We needed references before he would accept to make the mirror and guess what? HE ASKED IF PART OF HIS PAYMENT CAN BE THE MAN IN THE PICTURES. THE GAYS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!”

Sohail then replied: “Mama out talents do not discriminate professions! Tell him I said howdy!”

Honestly, we’re SCREAMING. We’re expecting an invite to the wedding.