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Joe Jonas and Nicki Minaj get close in DNCE’s ‘Kissing Strangers’ video

By Ross Semple

Things get very close between Joe Jonas and Nicki Minaj in a new music video.

‘Kissing Strangers’, the new single from Jonas’ band DNCE, is all about the quest to kiss as many strangers as possible in order to find your significant other. This is something we are completely unfamiliar with …

The video shows the band – formed of Joe Jonas, Cole Whittle, JinJoo and Jack Lawless – performing the single at a house party, before being joined by Nicki who does her thing while wearing the most beautifully camp oversized hat we’ve ever seen.

Joe and Nicki look as if they’re ready to get pretty friendly …

Joe’s brother Nick recently spoke about the supposed ‘rivalry’ between the two brothers. While at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards in Los Angeles where he was being awarded with the Hero Award, Nick was asked if he feels competitive with Joe.

“I don’t know if I can answer that,” he said. “Because either way it’s going to sound weird if I do.”

“We both put in our work at the gym. When we’re going to the same gym, it gets a little competitive. Maybe we can just be a hot brother duo instead.”

Watch the video for ‘Kissing Strangers’ below:

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