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It’s National Pizza Weekend so treat yourself to the world’s first portable wood and gas-fired oven


By Steve Brown

Gozney, innovators of professional pizza ovens, has unveiled Roccbox, the world’s first portable wood and gas-fired oven, created to revolutionise and elevate outdoor eating.

Founded in the UK, Gozney has created a world-class range of products set to bring friends and family together to share delicious food.

Inspired by Tom Gozney after a terrible experience with a shop-bought pizza cooked in his kitchen oven at home, the brand has grown at spectacular rates, now available in the UK, Europe, Australia, as well as the States.

Harnessing the company’s expertise in the commercial sector and using professional grade engineering, this clever piece of equipment brings restaurant quality cooking to outdoor living spaces like never before and is sure to fire up foodies.

The incredible power of Roccbox reaching temperatures of up to 500 ºC means authentic Neapolitan pizza can be cooked in just 60 seconds.

The rolling flame and incredible heat radiating from the stone floor will also sear meat in minutes, crisp skin on fish and perfectly caramelise vegetables, meaning it has a breadth of recipes it can add a twist to.

Gozney aims to inspire and empower food lovers to extend their kitchens into the great outdoors for an all-year round enjoyment, without compromising on styles and flavours.

By unveiling Roccbox as the world’s first portable stone floor oven, Gozney has made a commitment that not being in your own kitchen at home should not be a restriction to cooking fantastic food.

Roccbox comes with two innovative burners, wood and gas, giving budding chefs flexibility of cooking for convenience or with traditional methods. The gas burner is quick-firing with a consistent yet adjustable flame for diverse cooking techniques.

The wood burner has been specially designed to draw air through the body, creating an intense flame with smokey flavours.

These high temperatures are achieved thanks to an insulated body comprising of multiple steel layers and a unique insulated jacket. Roccbox absorbs and gently re-radiates heat, allowing for true open door cooking and giving clear view of the food inside.

Its thick, porous stone floor creates the ultra-dry environment used by authentic methods, with the rolling flame regulating the temperature throughout the oven making a consistent cooking environment.

The stone is set on high-grade stainless steel with an anti-warp reinforcement joist, ensuring durability and longevity at the highest of temperatures.

There’s no need to be a Michelin-starred chef to cook with Roccbox – it’s simple, reliable and easy to use. With retractable legs and detachable burners, Roccbox is a truly portable oven that can be taken to the beach, the garden or on picnics.

Tom Gozney, founder at Gozney, said: “We’ve used pioneering design principles to create a truly innovative product that expands the possibilities of cooking, wherever, whenever.

“For those passionate about food, Roccbox allows for true Neapolitan cooking in your own back garden like never before. We hope Roccbox inspires foodies to continue creating new recipes on their own terms.”

Discover Roccbox (£499) now here.