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In pics | The Admiral Collection, now at Sainsbury’s

By Nick Byam

Clothes are symbolic of a certain time and place; they are the true storytellers when we’re getting coffee or queuing up in a store.  London’s East End doesn’t have drawn borders, but it has a youthful spirit and soul which sets it part from anywhere else.

Admiral is 101 years old; witnessing the good, bad and the great. It has been worn by football’s greatest heroes through the decade to present day. Paying homage to British style, Admiral is celebrating the mods, casuals and Britpop icons whom paved the London streets. The beginning of the sporty aesthetic started with Admiral’s vision.

Inspired by the styles of the streets, Admiral is showcasing their new collection through a group of friends (hello attitude favourite Michael Morgan) as they journey through the East End to the stadium to watch their team. They started out in Romford, went to Pontoon Dock, on to Trinity Buoy Wharf, Tobacco Docks and Broadway Market – all done in style, provided by Admiral, bringing style back to the streets.


Emma Gibney



The collection is available to buy from Sainsbury’s store and online at