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House of Cards season 5 trailer teases more man-on-man action for US president Frank Underwood

By Will Stroude

This article contains spoilers for seasons 1-4 of ‘House of Cards’ which some readers may wish to avoid.

It looks like Frank Underwood is set to continue to explore his sexuality in upcoming episodes of House of Cards – if the brand new trailer for season 5 is anything to go by, that is.

Viewers of Netflix’s deliciously dark political drama have already seen Kevin Spacey’s sociopathic US president invite his former bodyguard Edward Meechum (Nathan Darrow) into the marital bed he shares with First Lady Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), but it appears the ruthless statesman is about to take things up a peg.

Season five’s chilling new trailer, which sees the Underwoods turn increasingly tyrannical as Frank sets his sights on staying leader of the free world well beyond the usual two terms, is made up of a rapid-fire series of teaser scenes, one of which sees the President involved in a sexually-charged encounter with an unknown man.

Kevin Spacey’s sexy, subtle exploration of Frank’s complex sexuality has drawn House of Cards many plaudits, and it looks like they’ll be even more for viewers to start unpacking when new episodes come to Netflix on May 30.

Check out the trailer for House of Cards season 5 below:

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