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Clothing Optional: Ellis Harman from Nevs Model Agency

By Joseph Kocharian

Ellis Harman form Nevs Model Agency popped in for a casting. He is also a dancer, having appeared in a Katy Perry video and a dancer on Strictly Come Dancing. We got Ellis to pop his shirt off and and answer a few questions for us in front of the Attitude ‘a’ (which is looking rather tropical at the moment with all the foliage.)

Name: Ellis Harman
Instagram: @ellisharman 
Agency: Nevs Model
Age: 24
Star sign: Aquarius

FullSizeRender (5)

Favourite Book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

What animal would you be? That’s a hard one! I’ve just seen that Colin Farrell filmn Lobster… But I’ll go for something random like a dragonfly

What sports/activities do you do outside of modelling? I do gymnastics and dancing. I’m hopefully going to make a class at Pineapple after this.

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What’s your favourite food?

Oh you’re pushing me! Crispy Chilli beef. It’s the best thing to get with  a Chinese.

Beyonce or Rihanna?


Boxers of Briefs?


Favourite film?

About Time.

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