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Blue Peter presenter Adam B shares emotional and heartwarming coming out video

The Irish presenter and YouTube star came out publicly on Friday (22 July)

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: BBC and TikTok/@adambyt

The Blue Peter presenter, Adam B, has shared a video of the emotional moment he came out to his team and it’s so heartwarming.

Adam, 22, came out as gay publicly on Friday (22 July) in a video on his YouTube channel which has more than 3.4 million subscribers. 

In a Tik Tok captioned: ‘Coming out is the scariest. But the relief afterwards is indescribable’ Adam can be seen addressing his Blue Peter friends and colleagues ash he departs the show.

@adambyt Coming out is the scariest. But the relief afterwards is indescribable 💙 #comingout #gay #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – Adam B

After thanking them for helping him grow over the last couple of years he gets visibly emotional.

Cheered on by people off camera Adam says, “One very big thing that I’ve been working on recently is just being more me and being more happy. And I just want to let you guys know you guys helped me open up and be more myself. 

“And I’d just like to let yous all know, I’m gay,” he says as his friends ‘aw’ before they descend on him to show their love and support. 

On Friday, the Irish presenter and YouTuber posted a nine-minute video to his channel titled: I’m Gay

Walking into frame at the beginning Adam picks up a Progress Pride flag, saves it, and says: “I’m gay. I’ve said it. I’ve finally told you something I’ve meant to tell you for a long time.”

He then cuts to a scene with his parents and brother who all question why anything would be different because he’s gay. 

Adam says: “One thing I love about these guys is that when I told them, nothing changed, and that’s the best feeling ever. To be able to love life, to wake up in the morning and feel like nothing’s changed.”

He walks his followers through his journey to coming out advising people to “to open up and talk about whatever’s on your mind,” adding, “Opening up to these guys was the best thing ever. I was instantly a million times better when I told them.”

Adam also reveals he has a boyfriend in the video. Later in the video Adam shares “This weight on my shoulders feels like it’s finally been lifted. I can finally breathe,” before finishing the video by saying, “I’m happy now”.

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