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‘Anyone can stay in shape, no matter their age’ – Meet the new face of Forza Supplements

By Will Stroude


Meet Phil, he’s an everyday working guy, fitness model, gym junkie and the new face of ForzaJust how does he fit it all in? We ask him for the lowdown…

You’ve modelled a lot in the past, tell us how you got into it.

I never considered myself good looking to be honest, so it was actually my girlfriend at the time who sent in some snaps to an agency. And it all went from there. It’s a hobby rather than a full time job. I’m working with Forza as I incorporate their supplements range into my lifestyle to support my health and fitness goals – so I’m not just the face but an ambassador too.

What you do now? 

I work in an office like most other people. My job is very 9-5 but does require me to travel a lot which means I have to be really organised with food and training etc. Aside from my work I also compete as a fitness model in various federations. This is my passion and how I get my mind off work etc.

What’s your fitness regime?

I tend to do body parts on their own for the most part. So for example I’ll have a ‘chest day’. I then try to hit the muscle from various angles (fly, press movements over incline and decline). I’ll also mix up how many sets, reps and even the rep temp.

How do you fit everything in? 

This is a tricky one for me, right now my routine means that my week is pretty much all fitness, as I gym every day after work, and some days I’ll do some cardio before work; and then I food prep twice a week. So weekends I take some time off the gym and make sure I am out and about doing things.

Who inspires you?

I make sure I follow positive people on social media who share my goals. Shaun Stafford is one.

What drives you? Any fears? 

Well I’m now well into 30s, and I’d like to show that anyone can stay in shape and be healthy, no matter what your age is.  I don’t really work out because I’m worried about my appearance, it gives me something I love to focus on, and takes me far away from the stress of life.

What’s your weakness?

I can be a very ‘all or nothing’ kind of guy. So sometimes if I have an injury or I’m working away somewhere and I don’t have access to a good gym I often feel like not doing anything. It takes a lot of will power for me to find a way to train around injuries and keep doing something, no matter how small.

If you have one piece of advice for improving your own body image and feeling happy and confident in your own skin, what would it be?

It’s an age old saying, but don’t compare yourself to others. You will always feel bad and never realise the good parts of yourself, a lot of people (including me!) tend to focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do. The most beautiful part of everyone is their personality and who they are.

What’s a typical days nutrition for you when you’re getting ready to compete?

My day is spilt into about six meals. Each of which has greens, complex carbs and protein. Something like chicken, broccoli and asparagus and sweet potato. Then every two weeks or so I take carbs out from one of my meals and increase my protein slightly all the way till I’m down to about 50g’s of carbs a day in the week before my show.

What are your favourite workout supplements? 

I always take multi vitamins and fish oils, try Forza’s Omega 3 fish oil and multi vits. A pre-work out before the gym is a must to boost my workout, I use T5. I take CLA and L Carnatine with my first meal of the day, along with some Vitamin C and fibre. I’ll supplement with a super greens drink too – Greens with Benefits immunity support is my favourite.

I also take protein powder straight after my work out or a shake it slim meal replacement shake if I’m on the move as it’s high in protein.

Phil is the new ambassador and face of Forza, who will soon be launching a new active wear range which Phil will be showcasing, follow them for updates and offers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Follow Phil on Instagram @philipwparker

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