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Golden Moments: Vasilis Rallis’ beach photoshoot captures essence of Greece

Photographer Vasilis Rallis speaks about his inspiration from his Mediterranean home

By Joseph Kocharian & Vasilis Rallis

Vasilis Rallis often finds himself at the beach when he returns to Athens to visit friends and family. Inspired by the golden light, the sand, sea and sizzling sun on the skin, his latest trip to the beach in Greece ended with an impromptu photoshoot with one of his friends who is a model. He spoke about his inspiration from his Mediterranean home.

The inspiration

“Growing up in Greece, my affinity for the sea has always been profound. Recently, we traveled together to a beach near Athens, where laughter and joy were abundant among friends. Inspired by the natural beauty surrounding us, I captured spontaneous moments with Ageos, our stunning Greek model exuding timeless Hellenic charm.

As a self-taught photographer, I strive to transform these fleeting moments into enduring art, reflecting the spirit of self-love, belief, and empowerment that permeated our day by the Mediterranean coast.”

Photography Vasilis Rallis Model @ageospothitos