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Underwear brand’s festive same-sex ad campaign faces homophobic backlash

Bonds are brushing off the haters after unveiling a loved-up series of adverts in time for Christmas.

By Will Stroude

Underwear and clothing brand Bonds are facing a sadly all-too-predictable homphobic backlash after unveiling a playful new LGBTQ-inclusive advertising campaign.

The Australian company has incurred the wrath of close-minded bigots after releasing a series of images featuring a same-sex couple sharing intimate moments while sporting Bonds underwear.

The ad campaign, entitled ‘Its the Bonds that makes the season’ features real-life couple Steve Fernando and Nicolas Rivet – but the proud display of LGBTQ affection hasn’t gone down well with everyone.

Bigots have slammed Bonds for the supposedly “offensive” campaign, which has even prompted official complaints to Australia’s Advertising Standards.

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It’s the little moments that make the Christmas season so special. ❤️#BondsMakeTheSeason #BondedBy #BehindTheBonds #BondsXmas

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“This is extremely offensive. So very disappointed, Bonds,” readone comment.

Another irate homophobe added: “I’m unfollowing you and never buy anything from bonds”.

Some tried to deny being homophobic, claiming that their only issue with the campaign was with the “sexual” nature of the image.

“Unnecessary…. why do they need to be so sexual?” wrote one user on social media. “And yes before anyone gets tingles in their pants and jumps down my throat I would be saying the same if it was a man and a woman.”

“Could they not be holding hands? Exchanging gifts? Breakfast in bed? Drinking coffee? I don’t see why they need to have their tongues intertwined.”

Despite the hysterical outcry from some quarters, many praised Bonds for promoting a message of inclusion at Christmas.

“I love this! Everyone says they’re supportive of homosexuals until something like this comes up then apparently it’s disgusting”, one follower wrote.

“I am a Christian and I am still supportive of people loving whoever they love regardless of gender. This is such a sweet advertisement! Well done Bonds on being so accepting and open to all types of relationships!”

Another added: “Some of these comments are so embarrassing. Imagine having a life so petty that two men kissing could upset you so much.”

Brushing off the backlash, Emily Small, general manager of Bonds’ parent company Hanes Apparel, told Daily Mail Australia: “Our Christmas campaign is about celebrating the bonds that make the season and those are different for every individual.

“We are a brand that celebrate all Australians and we wish the couple featured in our social post along with everyone else an equally special and enjoyable festive season.”

A spokesperson for Australia’s Advertising Standards confirmed that it had “received less than five complaints about the campaign which are currently being assessed”.