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Tom Daley wants to do a knitting collab with Burberry: ‘It’s so iconically British’

"It just so happened I got photographed on that day," says Tom of his viral Tokyo 2020 knitting moment.

By Jamie Tabberer

Words: Jamie Tabberer; pictures: Instagram/@TomDaley 

Tom Daley is manifesting a knitting capsule collection with Burberry.

The 27-year-old Olympic champion’s needling skills of course went viral when he was spotted knitting from the stands at the Tokyo 2020 Games last month.

Naturally, the next step for the Team GB icon would be a designer collaboration – and he’s singled out the most British of brands to do it with.

“It just so happened I got photographed on that day”

“I’d definitely like to try and make it work. I could see a collaboration with a brand to be able to do a capsule collection,” the dad to Robbie Ray said in a new interview with Paper this week.

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Asked which collaborator he’d choose, Tom – whose former London flat was recently put on the market for £999,999 – said: “Burberry. It’s so iconically British and I consider myself to be quite British, obviously, so I’d love to be able to do some kind of collaboration with them.”

Elsewhere he said of his knitting hobby: “I now get when I go down the street, ‘Oh, you’re the knitter!’ And I’ll be like, ‘Well actually, I’m the diver, but yes, I knit.’ I’ve been doing it for nearly a year and a half now and I’ve been loving every step.”

Tom – currently in Calgary, Canada while husband Dustin Lance Black works on a new project – added: “It’s my way of finding peace and calm and mindfulness. I was doing it on the bus to the pool and pool-side and doing it for the whole two weeks we were there.

“It just so happened I got photographed on that day and then all of the sudden people were very excited about the fact that I was knitting.”

As Tom’s hobby continues to spark a renewed interest in the art of crochet, we recently rounded up some of the sports star’s ‘greatest knits‘.

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