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‘The King of Colour’ Way of Yaw fronts new Kiehl’s skincare campaign – WATCH

The beauty influencer shares his skincare secrets in an exclusive Attitude daily routine video.

By Will Stroude

As the internet’s ‘King of Colour’, Way of Yaw is used to painting for the gawds, but the beauty and makeup guru knows that protecting your canvas is the secret to picture-perfect looks. 

Now, the YouTube and Instagram star is sharing his own tips and daily skincare routine as part of a new campaign for Kiehl’s Since 1851 and Attitude which proves LGBTQ talent has a place at the beauty industry table. 

In ‘My Daily Skin Routine’, Yaw forgos his usual glittering facepaint toshare inside advice on the Kiehl’s products he uses to keep his skin shimmering all on its own.

“Guys, let me just stress how important self-care is”, says Yaw, whose talents have amassed him a following of more than 375,000 people on Instagram alone.

“Skin is a big part of that. It’s one of the first tell-tale signs of how much care you take for yourself, so make sure to look after your skin.”

Of his new daily routine video with Attitude and Kiehl’s, he adds: “I’m going to be showing you guys some of my favourite products that I like to use to prepare my skin for the day.

“You can use these products if you’re about to do makeup or if you just want that natural skin glow, these are the products I like to use – so let’s get in to it!”

Check out Yaw’s daily skincare routine below:

 Ultra Facial Cream (shop here)

“[This is] my favourite facial cream, and this one isn’t too thick, which I love”, says Yaw.

“I would say that at least on a daily basis you want to cleanse your skin, and you also want to use a nice hydrating moisturiser as well.

“If you don’t have time to do anything else, a really good moisturiser and a nice cleanser and you’re good.”

He adds: “The skin looks so glowy, you need to really make sure you work it into the skin so that it works its magic.”

Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado (shop here)

“This also contains avocado which is amazing for nourishing the under eye as well. My under eyes have always had fine lines there and so I really like to take care of the under eye area”, explains Yaw.

“I’m going to be using the marriage fingers [to apply the cream]. Why? Because they are the lightest to the touch. Your other fingers have a bit more of a harsh application.”

Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense (shop now)

“This is amazing, especially considering I’m quite dark-skinned. It doesn’t leave my skin looking ashy,” exclaims Yaw.

“All of my melanated people out there, you know what it can be like when you have an SPF that leaves your skin looking ashy. This one is amazing, so it’s great for all skin types.

“One things I’d say about SPF is it’s great for keeping away blemishes: I’ve noticed with my skin in particular that when I don’t use SPF if I do get, you know, a scar or anything, the mark will stay for longer, whereas when I use SPF it doesn’t allow it to get as dark.”

He adds: “Make sure you take care of your skin, drink your water and stay blessed!”