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The Circle star Paddy Smyth fronts new Kiehl’s skincare campaign – WATCH

The self-confessed "differently-abled party girl" shares his skincare secrets in an exclusive Attitude tutorial.

By Will Stroude

Last year, Paddy Smyth won the hearts of contestants and viewers as part of Channel 4’s social media reality show The Circle, and a year on the Irishman is fronting a new skincare campaign with Kiehl’s Since 1851 and Attitude.

Kiehl’s ambassador Paddy, who is gay and lives with cerebral palsy, proves there’s a place for differently-abled, LGBTQ people in the world of beauty and cosmetics – and in an exclusive new Attitude video the 32-year-old shares his own skincare secrets.

‘My Daily Skin Routine’ sees Paddy offer his guide to an easy skincare glow-up with some of Kiehl’s most reliably replenishing products, including how to best get glitter out from all those hard-to-get places after one of *those* nights.

“When I really started to get into skincare was post-The Circle”, Paddy explains. “Really because I started to realise how dull and fatigued my skin would get with these really long days and, I’m not going to lie, nights out!”

“Skincare is so important to me and it makes me feel good in the morning to have a routine, because I’m not a very routine-based person.”

He adds: “For me, Kiehl’s is an amazing investment: They’re a loud and proud brand, they’re so inclusive, and as a diabled and LGBTQ person it’s so important for me to align myself with those kind of brands.”

Check out Paddy’s top tips for glowing skin below – for more skincare essentials (just in time for Christmas) visit

Facial Fuel Energizing Moisture Treatment for Men (shop now)

“This actually started off my skincare routine,” Paddy says. “It has caffeine which is amazing for waking you up in the morning and giving you that enegerising feeling.

“You should also keep a spare bottle in the fridge – it’s like a cold drink of water to skin, it’s stunning.”

He goes on: “When I was on set in the past, this is the first thing I would use. it’s just so light, you put it on your face and it wakes you up and gives you that radiant feel.”

Ultra-Light Daily UV Defense (shop now)

“You may think when you look at me I’m a golden goddess,” says Paddy. “And that’s what I want you to think – but actually I’m being deceptive because I have really really pale irish skin – lily of the valley!

“SPF is important to my skin – I have to use it every day just to protect it from the light. Ultra Light UV Defense Gel is light in texture, so for pale skin like mine it’s just what I’m looking for.

“With the changing seasons, if you’re like myself and suffer with dry skin, a moisturiser is essential.”


Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil (shop here)

“Leaving your make-up on is a big no-no”, says Paddy. “For me especially, it clogs my pores, dries my skin out even more, so a big beauty tip for me is to take off that make-up – even if you’re drunk getting into bed!”

“The Midnight Recovery is fantastic for taking your make-up off at night-time after events or after the club. Three or four pumps of this; it smells of lavendar and primrose, it’s beautiful.”

He adds: “I will also tell you a funny story about this: One time I was at a special type of nightclub where I had glitter where no one should have glitter – and this is the only thing that removed that glitter!”

Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado (shop here)

“I didn’t know how to put on eye cream”, recalls Paddy. “You actually apply it with your ring finger and lightly dab the eye area. It tends to be better if you use a tiny bit.

“I’m loving the smell of it: It’s avocado, it’s light, it’s fresh and it’s yummy.”