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Meet the creator of Dylan Mulvaney’s gorgeous petal dress

These designs are sensational!

By Alastair James

Cameron Hughes and Dylan Mulvaney in the 'blossom' dress.
Cameron Hughes (left) designed and constructed the 'blossom' dress worn by Dylan Mulvaney. (Image: Instagram/@cameronhughes and TikTok/@dylanmulvaney)

The maker of the amazing petal dress worn by TikTok star, Dylan Mulvaney, in her ‘face reveal’ has given us a behind-the-scenes look at how it was made.

Over the weekend, Dylan have us her ‘face reveal,’ following her recent facial feminisation surgery.

In the video, Dylan dances elegantly to the iconic music from Swan Lake. As she begins the aqua petal dress unfurls itself.

Throughout the video, the dress – a real centre piece – moves mechanically, complimenting Dylan’s moves.

Taking to his own social media on Saturday (28 January) the outfit’s maker, Cameron Hughes, explained its construction.

Cameron is becoming known for his intricate mechanical designs, with other creations including a breathing feather dress and a rotating skirt.

The ‘blossom’ dress started life off as cardboard and metal rods just to see if the design would work.

Cameron then went about using 3D-printing cases for the motors, which control the petals.

Cameron also created the bodice worn by Dylan and made sure the skirt could hold the weight of the motors.

“Everything came out wonderful,” Cameron said at the end of his explainer.

It’s extremely impressive and the result is remarkable!


The absolutely stunning @Dylan Mulvaney in the “blossom” dress by me. So excited to work with her and truly one of the kindest people I have met. I am so happy for you and may you blossom into the women you have always been #dylanmulvaney #fashiontech #trans

♬ Star Wars (the Force Theme) – Less Gravity

In other videos available on Cameron’s Instagram and TikTok he demonstrates how he can program the motors to work so the petals can rise and fall in different ways.

In another video, he discusses the inspirations behind the dress. One is Lady Gaga ‘Living dress’ from the Monster ball. Another is a dress from French designer Thierry Mugler’s 1995-1996 show.

“I think the best art comes from referencing previous things and expanding upon them,” Cameron said.


The best art comes from expanding on the work of other’s referencing it and finding a new way to interpret it. This dress I looked at Lady Gaga’s living dress from the monster ball made by the Jim Henson company and a dress made by Thierry Mugler for the 95-96 show. #fashiontech #ladygaga #mugler

♬ So Happy I Could Die – Lady Gaga

Other designs see butterflies flutter on a rich green dress or a purple feather dress ‘breathing’ in a stunning blend of engineering and fashion.

We’re stunned by the extent of craftmanship on display here!