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Be proud and Pride-ready to party this summer with ClarinsMen’s guide

ClarinsMen can dress you up, protect you and scrub you down this Pride season

By Steve Brown


You know how it is come Pride season – long days and short nights spent dancing to Kylie, Ariana and Olly Alexander. 

Or taking to the streets to join the parade.

Well, ClarinsMen have you covered all ways. Active Face Wash is the best way to start the day: it cleans, detoxifies and sets you up for everything to come.

While Attitude’s favourite from the all-new Super Moisture Collection: Super Moisture Lotion SPF20 is lightweight and moisturising, non-greasy and stops your face burning when out all day.

You can’t have too much protection. Later on, grab some Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum to energise tired-looking eyes ahead of the Big Night Out.

And, when it’s all over, Shampoo & Shower two-in-one wash will see off the face paint, while for a little more help, try Exfoliating Cleanser to get rid of the glitter (it gets everywhere).

It’s that easy to be Pride-ready with a range of products made for men. So Happy Pride, whether you’re staying at home, or out to play.

Even better, Attitude readers can receive 10 per cent off ClarinsMen for a limited time only by using the code ATTITUDE2

ClarinsMen Super Moisture Lotion SPF 20, 50ml, £30

Lightweight and moisturising, non-greasy, caters to the increasing demand for sun protection for men


ClarinsMen Shampoo & Shower, 200ml, £19.50

An invigorating, two-in-one wash that gently cleanses hair and body. Conditions hair with Provitamin B5


ClarinsMen Active Face Wash, 125ml, £20

A gentle foaming cleanser that tackles dirt, grime and pollutants. Mild enough to use twice a day


ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser, 125ml, £22

Refreshing and stimulating, this soap-free exfoliator helps eliminate impurities and traces of pollution and can also help prevent shaving rash


ClarinsMen Anti-fatigue Eye Serum, 20ml, £30 

Reduces puffiness and dark circles and offers a smoothing action, leaving your eyes fresh and rejuvenated