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EuroGames Stockholm 2015 unveils political programme

By Ben Kelly

As Stockholm prepares to host the EuroGames 2015, from 5-8 August, organisers have unveiled some of the political programme which will accompany the sporting events.


EuroGames take place a few times a decade, and is welcoming to all, regardless of gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, ethnic or religious affiliation. The aim is to provide a safe and secure environment in which around 30 sporting events attract 5,000 participants, and up to 250,000 visitors. Previous host cities include Barcelona, Paris, London and Antwerp. In addition to the core sporting element, there are also cultural and political events.

The Stockholm political programme announced this week includes lectures, speeches and panel conversations which aim to explore issues around LGBTQ participation in the sporting world.


Events include a conversation with boxer Orlando Cruz (above) and a lecture from Peter Häggström, a former Olympic athlete, both about coming out during an active career. There will also be a panel conversation about LGBT participation in football, discussing inclusivity, and notions of heteronormativity. Kian Sigge, a physical educator and personal trainer will also give a talk on ‘an alternative way of transitioning’, which will explore how training and nutrition can help us express our gender identity. Sweden’s Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Gabriel Wikström will give a talk about the government’s ambitions around sport, diversity and LGBTQ. 

EuroGames Stockholm 2015 is held from 5-9 August 2015. The political programme of events is free and open to everyone.

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